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Meet our staff

 Vanessa Armstrong:
Owner/ Animal Lover

Vanessa’s professional experience includes thirty years as a trainer and show handler, showing and breeding Akitas. She is skilled in dog obedience training, puppy training and behavior modification techniques for troubled dogs. Most recently Vanessa owned and operated a horse stable business in Howard County Maryland. She offered boarding and training for over twenty horses, horseback riding lessons and summer camp for children aged seven to fourteen. Vanessa has developed her training philosophies from a life lived with dogs and a love of learning. she has spent years gathering information and techniques from other trainers and dog behaviorists.

Ms. Sarah:

Sarah is a McDaniel College graduate with a BA in Exercise Science and Physical Education. She started at We've Gone To The Dogs in February 2015 and loves the work she does here. She has grown up with dogs her entire life and is currently the proud mom to a kitty named Mac. Sarah loves all kinds of animals, but has a very special place in her heart for dogs. Sarah's hard work and dedication makes her a very important asset to our team. She has also taken up grooming!

Mrs. Paige:
Assistant Manager

Paige is a 1996 Wilson College graduate who has spent the last 20+ years in the horse world. She worked at Barrie School for 15 years as their Equestrian director and coach of their equestrian team. Paige is a lifelong owner of both horses and dogs. She has carried her passion for horses over and parlayed it into a passion for caring for your pups! The career change has been a huge blessing and she has loved every minute playing with your fur babies!

Ms. Alexis:
Assistant Manager 

Alexis is an animal lover of all kinds, and has loved animals ever since she was young. She has worked many jobs in the pet industry, and has found her happy place at WGTTD. She loves coming in to work every day and loving all the fur babies like they were her own. She loves every part of her job; from throwing the chuck it ball, to handing out belly rubs and hugs, to bathing the muddy..but very happy pups at the end of the day!

Ms. Alyssa:
Play Group Supervisor 

Alyssa is a huge animal lover of all kinds. She currently lives with her boyfriend and two dogs Nala and Rockie. Nala is a Black Lab and Rockie is a Pitbull. Alyssa currently commutes from Pennsylvania, but doesn't mind the drive at all because of how much she truly enjoys being here! Alyssa is also a trainer!

*We would like to congratulate Ms. Alyssa on following her dreams and pursuing her passion of working in the                                                               veterinary industry. Alyssa is now working full time as a                                                             veterinary technician, however, she is staying with us                                                                 part-time so you may see her every once in a while! *

                                                          Mrs. Brittany:
                            Play Group Supervisor

Brittany is the newest member to the farm. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband Jonathan and her fur baby Tank. She comes from the office/customer service background, but she has always known her real passion is working with dogs. Brittany had never been happier to change careers to pursue her passion by joining the WGTTD family! She especially loves walking into work to wiggles and kisses from the fur babies at work!



                                                     Ms. Kara
                             Play Group Supervisor

Kara graduated from Pensacola Christian College in 2016 with a BA in Elementary Education. She loved working with kids but she especially loves getting to work with dogs now as they are her favorite animal. Kara grew up with an English Black Lab named Molly who is now 12, and helped delivered her two litters of puppies. She trained two seeing eye puppies and loved helping them experience sights and sounds all around. She enjoys getting to see and learn each dog's unique personality - just like kids! Kara also enjoys learning how to groom dogs, however, her favorite part of the job is petting and playing with dogs and being greeted by wagging tails each day! Their always happy personalities and ready-to-love mentalities remind her to enjoy the little things in life. 

Ms. Calli
Play Group Supervisor

Calli is currently enrolled at Carroll Community College. She has always loved animals from a young age. It took her 12 years to convince her family to to get a dog. They rescued a border collie/golden retriever named Summer. Sadly cancer got the best of her. They rescued her current fur baby named Foxie last year. Calli loves coming to work to learn all she can about dogs. 

    Ms. Jenn
  Play Group Supervisor

Jenn has grown up with animals of all kinds but she has always had a soft spot for dogs. Jenn currently owns a pitbull named Stella with her boyfriend Bryce. Stella had inspired her to start making dog accessories and bandanas, eventually leading to her launching her own business, Pawfect Design Co.  Which ultimately led to her switching her careers from Early Childhood Education to her passion of dogs! Jenn loves coming into work and playing with all the lovely pups.                                                    

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